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Comtemporary cuisine, Inspired by sicilian street food


Giorgio is an Islander : has been born and raised in a Beautiful Island which is Sicily!
He is still really attached to its roots that will always influenced his Cuisine. This is why the name of Our restaurant is directly taken from the traditional Sicilian dialect : Arrikiiati (or Arrichiati! in its correct spelling!), which means Enjoy!, however being always related to Food;
Like a direct translation of our main message : Please Take Pleasure Eating!

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Delphine & Giorgio

Our story

Partners in Life and at Work, we are a Franco-sicilian couple who after years working in High Gastronomy wished to open our own space, a living space dedicating to Sicilian Cuisine, more modern and creative, influenced by our moving world.

Our Logo

Arrikiiati’s Values

  • Hand-made, as will always be our cuisine (thanks @Annabelle-Hardy-Pouyade)
  • Tree, natural symbol, to match our ecologic dynamic (Future is Green) : Indeed, our products used in the kitchen are as much as possible, Organics, Local and Seasonal; and Wastes tend to be reduced to their minimum. In the same way, we like to choose suppliers sharing our Values such as, Sustainability, Recycling, Ecology, Fair-trade, Locally made, Traditions…
  • Roots, to recall the sicilian traditions enhanced by our cuisine
  • Upside-down Tree, as we are not an other Italian restaurant! We want to show and share other trends of the Italian Cuisine, more modern and creative, always moving and strongly influenced by our travels and great people met on the way

  • Circle, integrating everything in Our Restaurant Concept.