Because we all comes from somewhere …

This is where Arrikkiati come from

Partners in Life and at Work, we are a Franco-sicilian couple who after years working in High Gastronomy wished to open Our Own Space, a living space dedicating to Sicilian Cuisine, more modern and creative, influenced by our moving world.

This is between the Kitchen and the Front Desk of Michel Bras, that we met.

Two lovers, in love with our Work and sharing the same will of learning through the world : The Mountain first,then the sea, in Italy, New Zealand and Corsica (Our Second Home), passing by Japan and even Hong-Kong for a short Pop-Up; it’s in Belgium – Antwerpen, close to members of our family, that we decide to settle down, ready to share in our own place, all our discoveries!

Giorgio is an Islander : has been born and raised in a Beautiful Island which is Sicily!
He is still really attached to its roots that will always influenced his Cuisine. This is why the name of Our restaurant is directly taken from the traditional Sicilian dialect : Arrikiiati (or Arrichiati! in its correct spelling!), which means Enjoy!, however being always related to Food; Like a direct translation of our main message : Please Take Pleasure Eating!

Trained to the technique of prestigious house, it is by working the product itself that the strength of Giorgio’s Cuisine expressed itself – with, as a conduct line, the taste and real flavour of the product and clever associations.

Delphine studied international Hospitality management, with an idea of working in the sales department of international hotel groups. However, she always has been more involved and efficient on the floor; in little family restaurant, great teammate, one foot in the Kitchen, her smile and heart in the dinning room with her guests!

By working side by side with Sommelier(e)s, is born the interest of Drink Pairings, that she is pleased to integrate on the menu of Arrikiiati.From those ideas, we created a dynamic spot, sharing values from The Fine Dinning Restaurant ( for the research in Tastes and Flavours, Selection of High-Quality Products, Professional and Rigorous working way ), The Bistrot ( For simplicity ) and the Bar/ Café (For conviviality and Sharing Experiences).

We want to evolve in a Living, Festive and Casual atmosphere, accessible to every public, ideally Matching with the Street-Food philosophy. More than that, What a better way to learn the traditions of a Nation than eating what They’ve been served in the Street?!

Our Cuisine, always using organics and local products, is playing with the basics of the Sicilian Street Food, served in a creative and modern way : a Gourmet Street Food as we may say!

We really hope that you will be delighted eating in our Little Sicilian Melting-Pot!

Delphine & Giorgio

For Arrikiiati