About Cannolo


2nd Restaurant / Sicilian Canteen by ARRIKIIATI – who serves (Obviously!) CANNOLI !

5 Recipes of fully homemade traditional and emblematic Sicilian DESSERTS, filled daily « A la Minute », our secret to have them soooooo deliciously crunchy!


CANNOLO also offers a selection of original & typical SICILIAN STREET FOOD, combined with qualitative crafts products & NATURAL WINES to Eat In or Take Out !

Passing by CANNOLO, it’s signing for a meal Inspired by the classics of sicilian street food, a relaxed moment, with casual atmosphere and slightly Retro Feeling.

ARANCINI, CANNOLI, PANELLE, PANE CUNZATU, CAPONATA, COTOLETTA, CRISPELLA ( …) is our Vocabulary – Homemade and Organic, our Logic !

"Same Us, Same Philosophy, Same Corner, Two Offers - One way or An Other, We are Always Happy « Feeding » You !! Delphine & Giorgio"