Our story

Because We all Come From Somewhere …

Arrikiiati stems from a Sicilian dialect meaning « Taking Pleasure Eating! ».

It’s nice Meeting you. We are Giorgio, a Sicilian chef who is Passionate about Combining the language of his birth place’s street food with International, Contemporary Fine Dining – And Delphine, a French sommelier who Challenges Herself in continuously acquiring the most compelling Biological and Natural Wine Selection.

We do Believe that a great taste and full Enjoyment go Hand in Hand with fresh, eco-friendly and local high-quality products within a personal, warm atmosphere.

Sharing a love for High Gastronomy as well as For Each Other, we travelled the world together living in Countries and Regions, Such as France, Italy, Corsica, New Zealand and Hong-Kong while working with Renowned Chefs and Restaurants such as Michel Bras, Noma, Moreno Cedroni, and more Recently Dôme.

Now that Antwerp has become Our home, We Opened up our own Culinary Corner where you can Experience our travels, Taste our creative Ideas and Feel our Passion; a place where you can Savour :

Arrikiiati, Contemporary Bistrot !



2 Services Menu ____________ 31
3 Services Menu ____________ 39


5 Services Tasting Menu ______________ 65


– Have a Look : Our wine list !!
Sustainability Is a Constant Line at ArriKiiati, Most of what we use is Green Oriented, Recycled, Organic, Fairtrade… 
We are following Seasonality and really focusing on Quality. 
Our Products are, as much as possible, Organics and Environmentally Friendly! We work with small suppliers, local Bio Farmers, who are also following the Season's needs.
Following our fixed Menu, is part of the Experience, however, we Always do Our Best To Adapt to Dietary Requirements! To help us giving you the best time possible, please advise us with any special need in advance.


Kommekensstraat 22 – 2000 Antwerpen – Belgium


Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday
From 19:00


Monday & Friday
From 12:00 to 14:30


(Or Special Requests!)

"Same Us, Same Philosophy, Same Corner, Two Offers - One way or An Other, We are Always Happy « Feeding » You !! Delphine & Giorgio"